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3D Navigator™





Advanced Wireless Visualization Tracker for Immersive Environments

Ascension introduces a new wireless tracking solution just for 3D immersive and real-time visualization applications. 3D Navigator is an ergonomically designed wireless interface between graphical computers and humans working in spatially immersive environments, such as CAVEs and other large 3D projection displays. It features high performance 6 DOF tracking and interactive pointing with quick set up and ease of use. For full freedom of movement and added realism, the user is not connected to the system computer by trailing cables.

3D Navigator features new and improved Advanced Wireless DC Magnetic Technology™ for volumetric tracking with unprecedented measurement stability -- not found in any previous wireless magnetic tracker. The user wears a wireless belt pack connected to magnetic sensors in a hand-held Wanda 3D navigation device and head tracker. Sensors return instantaneous position and orientation coordinates referenced to a long-range transmitter of pulsed DC fields. Sensor data is transmitted over a spread spectrum RF link to a compact base station for processing and high speed Ethernet transmission to your host computer.

"Part of the success of our 6-sided projection system is due to Ascension's newly improved DC magnetic wireless tracking capabilities. It greatly overcomes the limitations of previous metal-sensitive tracking technologies.

Carolina Cruz-Neira, PhD, Associate Director
Virtual Reality Applications Center
Iowa State University


  • Interactive 3D Visualization
  • Collaborative 3D Visualization
  • Immersive Environments
  • Engineering Design Reviews
  • Corporate Presentations
  • Analyzation of Multi-dimensional Databases


  • Oil & Gas
  • Nuclear Energy
  • Chemical
  • Military
  • Government
  • Research
  • Education


New Advanced DC Magnetic Technology
  • New electronics and improved algorithms provide excellent tracking stability. Metal detection and noise reduction tools make sure that environmental factors do not affect the tracking. This combination gives you consistently high data capture for a high quality immersive experience.
Wireless Tracking
  • 3D Navigator lets you move around without being hindered by trailing cables. Wand and head-tracked data is now sent via an RF link to magnify realism for participants and permit more effective presentations.
Extreme Portability
  • Set-up and start using 3D Navigator in minutes. When done, break down and stow it away just as easily. Its footprint is small enough to be self-contained on a wheeled cart. No permanent installation of overhead grids or cameras is required. 3D Navigator gives you great versatility for service in multi-use facilities and traveling sites.
High Accuracy Data
  • 3D Navigator provides the same high accuracy performance of tethered tracking devices, operational worldwide in immersive visualization environments. Its technology is well proven in over 80 installations at universities, research centers, oil & gas companies, as well as manufacturing design and visual computational centers.
No Occlusion or Line-of-Sight Issues
  • 3D Navigator is a robust, single-technology solution that transmits position and orientation data while allowing full range of movement for your tracked user. DC magnetic technology overcomes the occlusion and line-of-sight problems of optical and inertial/acoustic technologies. It also lets you focus on immersive experiences without difficult set up and operational limits.
Elegant Design
  • We have repackaged all tracking components for small footprint, attractiveness and high utility. It includes a stable yet stylish mounting stand for transmitter placement and neat appearance in professional settings.

Degrees of Freedom: 6 (Position and Orientation)
Number of sensors: 2 sensors: One embedded in Wanda and one for head. Additional sensor configurations available - contact Ascension
Translation Range :
  • ± 3.05 m in any direction with one transmitter
  • 4 m x 4 m with dual transmitter option
Angular range: All Attitude: ± 180° Azimuth & Roll; ±90° Elevation
Static Accuracy Position: 0.8 cm RMS at 1.52 m range, 1.5 cm RMS at 3.05 m range
Static Accuracy Orientation: 0.5° RMS at 1.52 m range, 0.25 cm at 3.05 m range
Static Resolution Position: 0.08 cm at 1.52 m range, 0.2° RMS at 3.05 m range
Measurement Rate: Up to 120 measurements/second
Outputs: X,Y,Z positional coordinates and orientation angles, rotation matrix, or quaternions
Interface: Ethernet
Line-of-sight Restrictions: None
  • Operating Temperature: 10°C to 40°C (50°F to 104°F)
  • Operating Humidity: 10% to 90% non-condensing
  • Metal objects in tracking volume may degrade performance. To optimize tracking in your work space, use our Environmental Analyzer to detect stray sources of metallic distortion and adjust frequency to minimize noise interference.
Sensors: 2.54 cm x 2.54 cm x 2.03 cm (attached via wires to electronics unit in back pack)
Weight: 17 g (0.6 oz) per sensor without cable
Electronics Unit: 17.5 cm x 14 cm x 4.54 cm
Weight: 0.99 kg (35 oz)
Battery: 15 cm x 6.6 cm x 2.29 cm
Weight: 0.54 kg (19 oz)
Operating time: 1 hr continuous; spares may be swapped without system power-down
Chassis: 40.64 cm x 23.49 cm x 17.14 cm
Remote Receiver Unit: 16.5 cm x 10.7 cm x 6.4 cm
Weight: 0.32 kg (0.7 lbs)
Extended Range Controller: 24.1 cm x 29.2 cm x 12.3 cm
Weight: 2.95 kg (6.5 lbs)
Extended Range Transmitter: 30.5 cm x 30.5 cm x 30.5 cm
Weight: 20.4 kg (45 lbs)


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