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hi-Res800 & hi-Res200



The hi-Res range of headsets are compatible with a wide range of computer and video input formats, that provides the user with an extremely high quality image at an affordable price.

They are integrated into an injection moulded body and designed with a user friendly single twist head size adjustment facility making the headsets suitable for most head sizes so ideal for multiple use public and industrial environments. The headsets also include integrated headphones and microphone that gives the user an option of stereo sound and the facility to use speech data within a collaborative environment. The virtual reality effect is further enhanced by the use of a front rubber facemask that minimizes the affect of outside light so giving the impression of full immersion. Though not standard a transparent option of the hi-Res 800 is also available on request.

The hi-Res headsets seamlessly integrates a wide range of tracking systems including the InterTrax from Intersense. The InterTrax is easy to connect, provides source less operation and is not affected by electrical or magnetic interference and can be used close to monitors or large metal objects. Further details on other compatible tracking systems are available on request. The hi-Res 800 comes complete with belt clip as standard so the headset can effectively be used in the sit down or stand up position with the only limitation to movement being the length of the power cables.


Features (For more information about these features, see the VFX1 Specifications)
* True 832x624 resolution * Accepts up to 1024x768
* 2 x 1.55 millions pixel LCDs * Full 24-bit colour
* Multiple tracking solutions * Ratchet adjustment system
Comset microphone Integrated headphones
Optional transparent facemask

Comset Microphone

The VFX1 Headgear system has a built-in Comset condenser microphone located in the SmartVisor. This allows for hands-free communication with other gamers, including both network and on-line programs and games. The microphone is also suited for speech recognition applications.


Software included with the VFX1 Headgear:
* Heretic * Mech Warrior 2 * Zephyr
Supports almost every first-person perspective game!
There are over
100 games and applications that support the headgear.
The latest games can be played with the VFX1 including Quake II, Quake, Jedi 

ThemeKit VREK Click here for: VRML Software tools with VR device support !



The VFX1 software compatibility list

* vfx1_216.exe - the latest VFX1 drivers with DOS support and updated DirectInput drivers for Win98 (also works with Win95) and support for puck chording (multiple button combinations).








C-Pen 200


150 x 38 x 23 mm

140 x 35 x 24 mm


IBM PC or compatible 386, 486, Pentium +



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