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  F1 Sim Compact

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    F1 Compact Wheel and Pedals    

     F1 Sim Compact Pedals       

     4 LEDs

     F1 Sim Compact Wheel


Designed and developed by the award wining constructors team Digital Edge. The F1 Sim Compact, based on authentic F1 steering systems, brings to your PC all the characteristics of real F1 racing including high impact quality steel construction, efficient professional response and precision control.


  • Manufactured using highest quality materials
  • Four way LED for gear and programmable switch feed back
  • Unique self centering & removable wheel
  • Quick release mounting for ease of use
  • F1 style gear changers
  • Full braking & accelerator pedals included
  • On wheel programmable switches


  • True Plug & Play technology, no software drivers, no extra cards required, plus directly into standard 15pin D type PC game port
The F1 Sim is compatible with any joystick enabled game, and should be setup as a four-button joystick for Windows 95 games that support DirectInput.


  • Totally plug and play - compliant with any program supporting a standard joystick interface.
  • Easy to set up, no proprietary software required
  • No peripheral card needed - runs from a single game port
  • 100% IBM PC compatible
  • Software and interface cable to enable use with IBM compatible PCs.