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Have a look at the review in the June issue of Australian Personal Computer (APC), and a comparison against major soundcards in the September Issue of APC. They gave the card Highly Commended rating!

AMD InterWave GFA1
32 monophonic wavetable voices (16 stereo voices)
4:1 ADPCM, A-law, and -law compression
8/16-bit sample processing for playback & recording
Variable sample rates from 2KHz to 48KHz
Sonic Quality
20 Hz to 20 KHz 3dB line output frequency response
<0.05% total harmonic distortion with an input of -10dBm
>80dB signal to noise ratio (line in to line out)
15-pin joystick & MIDI connector - 3 jacks for audio line out, audio line in and microphone in
Industry standard MPU401-6850 UART with In/Out/Through available via MIDI adapter
Internal CD-audio line in + IDE CD-ROM interface
1MB of onboard sample ROM
RAM expandable to 8MB (30-pin 70ns SIMMs)
Three years

IBM 486SX/33 or better
30MB of free HD space
CD-ROM (for installing software); drivers may also be obtained directly from the Gravis world wide web site
DOS 5.0 and above, or Windows 95.
One 16-bit ISA slot


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