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Cyberpuck VR Game Controller



The Cyberpuck is the first VR peripheral of its kind, creating its own niche in the consumer gaming arena. Resembling a hockey puck, the Cyberpuck allows users to navigate VR and gaming environments with its intuitive, baseless design and ease-of-use. The built-in sourceless tracker measures pitch (forward and back) and roll (left and right) at +/- 45 degrees per axis. The controller has been ergonomically designed for left or right-handed control and the three programmable buttons are capable of performing traditional gaming functions.

There are two versions of the Cyberpuck, a Gameport and an ACCESS.bus version
The Cyberpuck (Gameport version) interfaces with IBM compatible PC's and works as an independent virtual reality gaming controller. The controller connects to any standard PC game port, allowing for full plug-and-play compliance with all programs supporting a standard joystick interface. The Cyberpuck is compatible with all Windows 95, and DOS applications that support a standard joystick.

The Cyberpuck (ACCESS.bus version) interfaces with the FORTE Technologies VFX1 HEADGEAR VIP ACCESS.BUS host card. The Cyberpuck is compatible with all Windows 95 Direct Input applications, and many DOS applications (See our software compatibility list) either native, through patched support or using the included VRMOUSE program.

The Cyberpuck, with its unique baseless design allows users to break free from their desktops, raising the gaming experience to new levels. This controller is designed to provide the ultimate experience in both VR and traditional gaming control. By enabling the Cyberpuck to plug directly into any PC game port, users will have the ability to easily interface with their computers, eliminating the need for specific development support.


2-axis control (Pitch and Roll)
+/- 45 degrees per axis
3 button input
Free floating design (Baseless) Ergonomic
Left or Right-hand control
Lightweight (3 oz.)

IBM compatible PC 2x CD-ROM (For bonus games installation only)
Standard 15 pin (Joystick) gameport connector    
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