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i-glasses! Personal Display Systems - PC version



  "This VR headset...offers a sizzling stereographic 3-D display and high-quality stereo sound."


PC Head Tracker
3 degrees of freedom: pitch, roll and yaw
60 Hz sample rate

PC InterfaceModule
Video: Single channel RCA input
Audio: Stereo - input and pass through output
VGA interface - input and pass-through output
No interface or software drivers needed
60 or 70 Hz operations
Runs any 2-D game without special drivers
Both field and line sequential 3-D formats

3D stereoscopic - 789(RGB)x230 resolution x 2
263x230 True Pixels
Dual 0.7" colour liquid crystal displays (181,470 pixels)
Fixed focus at 11' to minimise eye strain
Provides an image of a 35 ft.screen at a distance of 35 feet
Input: 1 PAL channel, field sequential
VideoMute (TM)

Heads-up see-through distortion-free display
Field of view (FOV)
diagonal = 30.0 degrees
Fixed focus at 11' to minimize eye strain
Provides an image of a 35 ft.screen at a distance of 35 feet
No lens focus or IPD adjustments
100% stereo overlap
Can be worn with eyeglasses

Ergonomically designed for comfort
Weight: 12 ounces
Clip-on immersion visor

Video: single channel RCA input
S-video model: S-video input
Audio: stereo RCA input

Stereo RCA connectors, 1 volt p-p
Frequency response: 20 Hz - 20 kHz
Interfaces with any standard PC stereo sound card's amp/line out connector
For 3D sound, use a 3D capable sound card
eg: Orchid NuSound or A3D PCI soundcard.

3D capable
True stereoscopic imaging
Field sequential - flicker-free

Rear adjustable strap for comfortable fit

Power Requirements
Power supply: 240 VAC imput/9 VDC output
Power consumption: 8 watts

Six Month Warranty
The i-O Display Systems i-glasses! has a Six Month Warranty against defects in materials or workmanship


Video: RCA (or S-video for S-video model) video source eg. video, laserdisc, camcorder.
Audio: stereo RCA source

For PC version

IBM PC or compatible 386, 486, Pentium +
Video card (VGA minimum)
Stereo-capable soundcard (for audio)
The i-glasses! VTV
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