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NuView SX2000

Nu-View SX2000




Frequently Asked Questions.

What's a Nu-View®?
Nu-View® is an affordable, stereoscopic 3-D camcorder adapter.

How does Nu-View® work?
Nu-View® provides 3-D field sequential recording capabilities for true stereoscopic video using the camcorder you may already own.

What is 3-D field sequential video?
Field sequential video is how your television works. Thirty frames of video are being displayed on your television every second. Within each frame are two fields. Using our patent-pending process called STEREO-OPTIX!, we field sequentially record a left and right stereoscopic image just like your two eyes would see.

Does Nu-View® make 2-D video into 3-D video?
Snake Oil to us, 2-D to 3-D processors do exist and can be fun for existing films. Nu-View® does not "make up" a stereoscopic image, in fact, it practically records just what your two forward viewing eyes would see.

What's the video cable shown between camcorder and Nu-View® for?
That's how the Nu-View® adapter receives the necessary video sync signal from the camcorder. You could say it tells the Nu-View® what video standard you are recording in.


How to attach Nu-View SX2000



Does that mean the Nu-View® adapter works worldwide?
Yes, practically. The Nu-View® adapter works on NTSC as well as PAL video standards. We have shipped to countries around the world.

Does Nu-View® provide interocular adjustments?
No, our eyes do not change their interocular spacing. But we do provide a convergence control.

Can I edit and copy my tapes as always?
Yes, miniDV, Hi-8, VHS, digital, they all edit and copy as always.

Does Nu-View® disable or interfere with any of my camcorders functions?
No, Nu-View is transparent to camcorder functions such as auto-focus, white balance or digital zooms.

Will the NuView adaptor work with my camcorder?
The NuView Camcorder Adapter comes with adapter rings to fit 37mm, 43mm and 49mm filter ring sizes. If your camera requires an adapter ring different from the sizes listed above, these may be purchased at http://www.heliopan.com.
Please Note: If your filter ring size is smaller than 37mm, you will need an XX to 37mm “step-up” adapter ring. If your filter ring size is larger than 37mm, you will need an XX to 37mm “step-down” adapter ring. Click here to download camcorder hookup instructions for the NuView.

This sounds too great, are there some limitations to the Nu-View® adapter?
Well yes, Nu-View does not work with older technologies such as tube based camcorders. But, these types of camcorders were sold over ten years ago. We also have a physical size limitation, the Nu-View® adapter was designed to fit up to 58mm filter threads, 37mm is best. After 37mm, you have to zoom a little to eliminate any vignetting, at 58mm it's approximately 50%.

Do I need to wear any glasses to view the video?
Technically the answer is no. There are display systems that do not require glasses or eyewear, such as the i-glasses 3D, i-glasses SVGA 3D or Cy-Visor 3D. However, the most common and cost effective viewing methods today are 3D shutterglasses. Other methods include polarised glasses.

Does Mindflux offer any glasses to view the 3-D video recorded?
Yes, H3D Video Eyewear. We feel the most common and cost effective viewing method today for 3-D video are LCD shutter glasses.

What are LCD shutter glasses, how do they make 3-D possible?
LCD shutter glasses, as they are commonly called, are liquid crystal display glasses that alternate turning transparent to opaque very rapidly. They can alternate shuttering as fast as 120 times a second.
They make 3-D possible when they are synchronised to show left and right eye alternative views. The same way STEREO-OPTIX! technology works to record 3-D video and the junction box syncs the H3D Video Eyewear.

Can I use another manufacturers LCD glasses to view the 3-D video recorded with Nu-View®?
Yes, H3D Video Eyewear are our brand of LCD shutter glasses.

Are there other ways to make my own 3-D videos?
Not really, they commonly cost tens of thousands of dollars. There's nothing like a Nu-View®.


Camcorder Magazine
stated, "This is real, bona fide stereo lens, look around the pole 3-D!...our first reaction -
WOW'!. The effect much the same as seeing color television for the first time back in the 50’s".

T3 Magazine gave us a "Star of the Show" award at the world's largest consumer electronics show.

Video Magazine recently recommended the Nu-View® 3-D System as an excellent value and introduction into 3-D.

Penthouse Magazine stated, "You Just Have To Get It!"

AVN Magazine said, "…the product is a blockbuster."


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