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Encounter the World where PC graphics meets Visual Reality
Enter another dimension in PC graphics - three dimensional graphics with Orchid Technology's. Righteous 3DTM. Righteous 3D, designed for the game enthusiast, delivers "Righteous Results". Brace yourself for revolutionary performance that produces explosive 3D images. Complex 3D enviroments are rendered at full speed to transport you into realistic 3D worlds. Impressive full motion fill rates accelerate all 3D features simultaneously without compromising visual detail. The only station you'll play is your computer with Righteous 3D.

The Power of 3D Acceleration with Enhanced Visual Realism
Enhanced visual realism can't be measured, it has to be experienced. Righteous 3D's next-generation technology delivers complete performance compared to other 3D solutions. Advanced filtering and anti-aliasing techniques produce smooth textured images. High precision 3D accuracy generates realistic three dimensional objects. Transparent and translucent effects like fog, smoke and haze create stunning atmospheric conditions. Other special 3D features include morphing textures, animated surfaces and incredible lighting effects. Experience a new level of total 3D immersion with entertainment titles.

Interactive Performance with Simultaneous Acceleration
It's not just about 3D performance. It's about full feature performance with full speed interactivity. Other accelerators lack the power to perform multiple 3D functions while
maintaining full motion frame rates. They are forced to compromise visual quality for real-time interactivity. Based on 3Dfx Interactive Voodoo GraphicsTM, Righteous 3D's dual 64-bit memory architecture provides direct access to the frame buffer and texture memory. This advance design accelerates all 3D features simultaneously without sacrificing frame rate performance. There's no trade off between visual realism and interactivity with Righteous 3D.

Effective 3D solution with Plug'n'Play operation
Worried about 2D acceleration? Don't be. Righteous 3D operates transparently with existing Windows accelerators without impacting 2D performance. Plug and Play compatibility with Microsoft Windows 95 features automatic configuration and trouble free operation. Righteous 3D supports Windows 95 Direct3D API to provide compatibility with a wide range of future software titles.

Advanced 3D Features
Perspective correct texture mapping Gouraud modulated textures
Bi-linear and advanced texture filtering Z-buffering
Level of Detail (LOD) MIP mapping Anti-aliasing
Double and triple buffering Alpha Blending

Advanced Special Effects
Per-pixel fog, smoke and haze
Texture animation
Texture compositing Texture modulation
Texture morphing    

Acceleration Performance
Full motion frame rates
Up to 45 million pixels per second fill rates
Up to 2 million triangles rendered per second

3D API Compatibility
Microsoft® Windows® 95
CriterionTM RenderWare®
Intel® 3DRTM Gemini Technology OpenGVSTM
Argonaut BRenderTM    

Graphics Processor
3Dfx Interactive Voodoo GraphicsTM

Memory Configuration
4MB EDO DRAM memory
Dual 64-bit memory architecture

VGA DB-15 monitor connector
VGA DB-15 pass through connector

Monitor Compatibility
Standard fixed frequency VGA or multi-frequency monitor
2 years parts and labor
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