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Apocalypse 5D

The back of the box and card




Hot new games!

High-performance PowerVR game titles included:
Ultim@te Race MechWarrior 2
WipeOut XL/2097 Tomb Raider
Accelerated video drivers: Windows 95 DirectDraw drivers for accelerated playback of software MPEG, Indeo, Cinepak, and other AVI clips. SmartTools include: Mode setup within Windows display control panel, refresh rate control, screen centering, virtual desktop.

Ultim@te Race screenshotUltim@te Race is the showcase car racing game for PowerVR, leaving other racing games on the starting grid. Test your driving skills against the clock, against the other cars (it ain't easy!), or get networked and challenge your friends.
Wipeout 2097 screenshotWipeout XL (2097 in Europe) is a jaw-dropping race ‘n’ chase thriller where your goal is to stay in the lead and defend your craft against other pilots. Negotiate hairpin turns, make gut-wrenching drops and initiate jumps all while blasting your opponents with intimidating weaponry.
Mechwarrior 2 screenshotMechWarrior 2 takes you to the year 3057, in which a struggle for power fuels a society of warring clans, resulting in total war. Witness the stunning gameplay through your 3D virtual cockpit as you leap into Instant Action or advance through a complete MechWarrior career.

In Tomb Raider* you are Lara Croft, who, ever since her plane crash and survival in the Himalayas at the age of 21, has devoted herself to exploring sites of profound archaelogical interest. Only feeling safe when relying on herself, Lara searches for the hidden secrets of ancient civilisations.

In Terracide* you are one of the colonists returning home to reclaim your birthright from your human ancestors. Your objective is to break through their scanners in your one-man ship, and destroy them from within. With seven radically different spaceships to explore in full 3D, this is no mean feat.

* OEM accelerated version with reduced levels.

The latest games that support the Righteous 3D include Quake 2, Quake, Dark Forces 2: Jedi Knight, Hexen II, Flight Simulator 98, Moto Racer, Tomb Raider 2 and many more. For a more complete list of games and other sites about the PowerVR range, please visit the Videologic games site.


Some of the Awards the PowerVR has won

Ultimate PC - 94% Performance (January 1998)
"...brilliant 3D and 2D performance, and it's the one card that gets as close to the ideal as any other ever has... superb 3D PowerVR and it's easy to see this is one of the best 2D/3D cards around."
Features 92%, Performance 94%, VFM 94%

PC Review - 8/10 (October 1997)
"VideoLogic's first 2D/3D card combines the 3Dx PowerVR2 chipset with the new Tseng 6100 for the 2D side of things. It's a powerful union and one that provides an excellent mixture of high resolution (even up to 1024 x 768 in 3D mode) with varied bit depth. The card comes with a solid selection of drivers that are regularly updated."

PC Format - 87% (October 1997)
"Unlike many other combination cards, the 5D features a relatively strong 2D chipset, based around Tseng's brand new 6100. Crucially, this enables you to run Windows 95 in very high resolutions at good bit depths. Ordinarily, you'd need an ace 2D-only card to perform this feat so it's a worthy indication of the card's general capabilities."

"Many 3Dfx games take smoothing to an extreme, but the 3Dx chipset smoothes edges more sensibly, enabling you to make out detail...The only real tests worth talking about, however, are the game frame rates, and these show the Apocalypse 5D is an excellent all-rounder. It clocked average to good frame rates in 2D and superb rates in 3D mode."

Computer Shopper - The Top 100 (Fall 1997)
"Where most 2D/3D graphics accelerators use integrated controllers that skimp on 3D functionality, 2D horsepower, or both, VideoLogic's Apocalypse 5D combines a fully featured 3D engine with a separate 128-bit graphics controller...Overall, the experience rivals that of arcade games or dedicated consoles, and easily outpaces other 2D/3D boards we've seen in this price range."

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