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Wicked3D eyeSCREAM





Uncompromising Performance
Fully loaded with 12MB of high-speed EDO DRAM, the Wicked3D featuring Voodoo2 uses Metabyte's software technology to give up to 40% better performance on Direct3D games than otherThe Official Voodoo2 card of the Voodoo Review! Voodoo2-based graphics cards from companies such as Diamond Multimedia and Creative Technology. Metabyte's on-going innovations in software allow for creative and optimum use of the latest entertainment software and hardware technology. Included in Metabyte's arsenal of software innovations is its new Transformation and Lighting engine.

The highest resolution from a Voodoo2
Also included, Re2Flex provides for custom screen resolutions and the highest possible refresh rates for most monitor specifications. For Direct3D games that do not restrict custom resolutions, and all QuakeGL and Glide titles, the Re2Flex technology shatters any competitor's 1024x768 SLI barrier, by providing gaming resolutions from below 640x480 up to 1024x1024!. At the same time, a single Wicked3D card breaks the competitor's 800x600 barrier and provides near-SLI resolution capability at resolutions ranging from below 640x480 up to 1024x672!

Outrageous resolutions with Re2Flex support
All Standard Resolutions 640x480, 800x600

640x480, 800x600, 1024x768 (in SLI)

Plus all of the resolutions in between…and beyond! 320x200 to 1024x672!

320x200 to 1024x1024! (in SLI)

Re2Flex allows users to adjust resolutions in single pixel increments, providing maximum flexibility for all hardware and software configurations. This capability enables Wicked3D owners to run their favorite games at resolutions never before supported. For example, a Glide game that only supports 640x480 or 800x600 can now run at 1024x1024 on a Too2 Wicked configuration (Wicked3D SLI-mode). Additionally, Re2Flex allows for micro-adjustment of refresh rates by 1 Hz granularity. Re2Flex supported refresh rates range from 56Hz to 160Hz depending on the user's monitor.

Stereoscopic Support
Up until now, stereoscopic support never became mainstream because of the unavailability of popular gaming titles and its primitive quality. In the past, developers had to customize each gaming title individually to provide only a homemade level of stereoscopic support. WickedVisionTM addresses stereoscopic support at the API level vs. the application level thereby providing instant support for over 100 popular gaming titles. In addition, WickedVision includes technology that brings the quality aspect of stereoscopic vision to truly immersive levels.

WickedVision is a complete solution for stereoscopic vision that consists of four components:

  1. WickedVision software
  2. Re2Flex variable refresh rate and resolution utility
  3. Stereoscopic eyewear (currently supports the H3D Eyewear)
  4. Wicked3DTM featuring Voodoo2TM (and soon Wicked3D VengeanceTM)

The Wicked3D featuring Voodoo2 supports a full 3D feature-set including alpha-blending, fogging, bi-linear and tri-linear filtering, and Z-buffer. Its two Texelfx2 processors allow for single pass, dual textures per pixel providing for more realistic images. Game support is unsurpassed with full Direct3D, Glide and OpenGL game compatibility.


Features Wicked3D Voodoo2 Specifications
- 3Dfx Voodoo2 Chipset
  • Full HardwareTriangle Set-up Engine
  • Dual Texelfx2 Processors and a Pixelfx2 Processor
- Metabyte Optimized Drivers
  • Unmatched 3D performance from a company that truly understands 3D software
- Complete 3D Feature Set
  • Single-pass dual textures per pixel
  • Single-pass trilinear filtering
- Performance
  • Highest real-world frame rates
  • 90 Mpixels/Sec. Sustained Fill Rate
  • 3 Million Triangles/Sec.
- Optional Too2 Wicked Configuration
  • Double your performance with two Wicked3Ds featuring Voodoo2


Software included with the Wicked3D Voodoo2
- Optimised Wicked3D drivers


* w3dvengv130.exe - v1.3 of the Wicked3D drivers for use with the Wicked3D Vengeance card. [4.8Mb].
* wicked3dv28.exe - v2.8 of the Wicked3D drivers for use with the Wicked3D Voodoo2 card. Mainly SLI bug fixes. [3.6Mb].
* wicked3dv26.exe - v2.6 of the Wicked3D drivers for use with the Wicked3D Voodoo2 card. Fixes problems with the beta and allows H3D use with over 120 games! [3.27Mb].


On Wicked3D/H3D Eyewear System:
After a session or two with the system, we have this to offer as far as a testimonial to the 3D prowess of the kit: The long castle hallways in Unreal seem more eerie than ever before. The onrush of a small aerial bridge that requires perfect driving technique to navigate never seemed so life threatening. The size of the
final boss in Quake 2 never seemed so impressive in bulk, or nearly as
scary as the first time you saw him.
Sharky Extreme (September 1998)

6 Drool drops out of 5!!
Drool dropDrool dropDrool dropDrool dropDrool dropDrool drop
...a Wicked3d exclusive is the ability to do 1024x672 with one card, or 1024x1024 with two cards in SLI. This feature alone should send the other manufactures bowing before Metabyte, and chanting "We’re not Worthy!, We’re not Worthy!"
...Kick-Ass drivers, and the only Voodoo2 out there with native H3D support.
[and using the H3D] "WOW!"   We here at Gamers Depot, were floored as we saw games like Quake2 literally jump out of the monitor at us! ...we must give it a 6 Drool-Drop award, which is over the 5 drop limit! Need I say anymore?
On Wicked3D/H3D Eyewear System:
Gamers Depot (September 1998)





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