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Intersense InterTrax



InterTraxTM uses advanced microgyro sensors which allow extremely stable angular velocity measurement. The sensor signals are continually analyzed by an on board processor which uses sophisticated algorithms to compute the full 3 degrees of freedom (DOF) orientation of the tracker in space.

Since all calculations are handled by the on board processor, there is no impact on the host PC, and all communication is via a simple RS-232 serial connection which has 2 modes of operation: Mouse Emulation & Native Mode.

In Mouse Emulation mode, the tracker responds to the application as a serial mouse with 2 degrees of freedom. Native mode allows 3DOF at higher precision and lower latency.

This mode of operation is intended to be used in 3D applications which support "free look" via the serial mouse. InterTraxTM allows pass-through connection of a serial mouse so functionality is not restricted. InterTraxTM will work in mouse emulation mode with any type of serial mouse, including Logitech and Microsoft mice which have their own drivers.

The tracker operates in native mode via the serial port. Native mode will return 3DOF data in either data streaming or send on request modes, and is supported by many 3D platforms. For custom driver development, the full Native Mode specification is available in the Firmware release documentation.

The InterTraxTM will soon have support under Win95/Win98/NT will support for the latest DirectInput drivers under DirectX 6.0. The allows it to be connected as a game controller device and usable with any program that supports DirectInput games including the MechWarrior Series, Jedi Knight, Turok, Quake II and so on.

The InterTraxTM supports some of the best VR world building and simulation software in native mode including Sense8, Superscape and Realimation. Many more drivers are being developed.

InterTraxTM requires a single standard RS-232 connection, and so can be used across virtually all host platforms (DOS, Win95/NT, MAC, SUN, UNIX, SGI). Additionally mouse emulation can be used without additional software under DOS and Windows.


Technology: Sourceless microgyro
Degrees of freedom: Azimuth, Elevation & Roll
Update rate: 256Hz
Angular ranges: Azimuth  180deg
Elevation 80deg
Roll 180deg
Maximum sensitivity: 400 deg/sec
360 deg/sec
Minimum sensitivity: 2 deg/sec
Angular resolution: 0.02 deg relative
At rest jitter: Zero
Latency: 38ms 2ms
Interface: RS-232C
Baud rate: Up to 38,400
Protocols: Mouse Emulation,
Fast Stream Packet Transfer,
Data Request
Power supply 9V DC regulated


InterTraxTM satisfies the following requirements:
EN 60950 FCC Part15 Class B
EN 55022 UL 1950
EN 50082-1 CE Approved AC Adapter (for Europe)
UL 1310 Class 2 AC Adapter (For US and Canada)
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