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Please note: The release of these titles is beyond the control of Mindflux, so we may not know of all the games out there with support. If you know of one, or if you have designed one that is not listed, please e-mail us at newgames@mindflux.com.au.

For an updated list of game please visit 3Dfx's software titles page.

Titles marked with a red "X" are shipping titles that support Voodoo Rush
Titles with Voodoo Rush support forthcoming are marked with a yellow

Titles marked with a green "P" require a patch to enable 3Dfx support. Available 3Dfx patches can be found on the 3Dfx Game Patches page.



Shipping Compatible Games
Publisher Developer Title Platform Notes
Virgin Interactive Entertainment Black Ops Entertainment Agile Warrior Direct3D X
Sierra On Line Dynamix Cyber Gladiators Glide/Direct3D X
MMI Above the Garage Productions Cyberdome Direct3D X
Interplay Productions Parallax Descent 2 Glide X, P
Interplay Productions Parallax Descent 2 - Destination Quartzon Glide  
Fox Interactive Probe Die Hard Trilogy Direct3D X
Ocean DID EF2000 + Tactcom Glide P
Ocean DID EF2000 2.0 Glide  
Empire Interactive Rowan Software Flying Corps Direct3D X
Psygnosis Bizzare Creations Formula 1 Glide/Direct3D X
Microsoft Games Terminal Reality Hellbender Direct3D X
Activision Wizbang HyperBlade Direct3D X
Fox Interactive Radical Entertainment Independence Day Direct3D X
Activision Activision Interstate 76 Direct3D X, P
Playmates Interactive Entertainment Shiny Entertainment MDK Glide/Direct3D X, P
Activision Activision Mech Warrior 2 Glide  
Activision Activision Mech Warrior 2 - Mercenaries Direct3D X
Microsoft Games Microsoft Games Monster Truck Madness Direct3D X
Electronic Arts Delphine Moto Racer Direct3D X
Microsoft Computer Artworks Organic Art Screensaver Direct3D X
Lucas Arts Lucas Arts Outlaws Glide X, P
Crystal Dynamics Crystal Dynamics Pandemonium Glide X
UbiSoft Entertainment UbiSoft Entertainment pod Glide X
GT Interactive id Software Quake OpenGL X, P
Activision Hipnotic Quake Mission Pack 1 OpenGL X
Activision Rouge Entertainment Quake Mission Pack 2 OpenGL X
SegaSoft Rocket Science Rocket Jockey Renderware  
Virgin Interactive Entertainment Criterion Studios Scorched Planet Glide  
3DO Studio Krisalis Starfighter Glide P
Interplay Productions Sales Curve Interactive SWIV Glide X, P
Eidos Entertainment Simis Terracide Direct3D X
Viacom New Media Radical Entertainment The Divide: Enemies Within Direct3D X
GT Interactive N-Space Tiger Shark Glide  
MaloFilm Similaris Time Warriors Glide  
Eidos Entertainment Core Design Tomb Raider Glide X, P
PIE Digital Dialect Toshinden Glide  
Interplay Productions Gremlin VR Soccer '96 Glide X
Interplay Productions Gremlin Whiplash Glide X
Psygnosis Psygnosis Wipeout XL Glide X
Upcoming PC Games
Publisher Developer Title
SegaSoft Post-Linear Entertainment 10 Six
Bethseda Softworks Bethseda Softworks 10th Planet
Electronic Arts Electronic Arts AH64D Longbow 2
Electronic Arts Electronic Arts Andretti Racing
Criterion Studios Criterion Studios Aqua 'Tak
Broderbund Software Trilobyte Assault!
GT Interactive nspace Bug Riders
Interplay Productions SCi Carmageddon
Above the Garage Above the Garage C.I.N.D.E. 1.4
Eidos Interactive Eidos Interactive Confirmed Kill
Fox Interactive Argonaut Software Ltd. Croc: Legend of the Gobbos
MMI Above the Garage CyberDome
Reality Bytes Reality Bytes Dark Vengeance
Eidos Interactive Eidos Interactive Deathrap Dungeon
Interplay Productions Treyarch Invention Die by the Sword
Sierra On-Line Dynamics Earth Siege 3
Ubi Soft Entertainment Ubi Soft Entertainment F1 Racing Simulation
Interactive Magic Interactive Magic F16 Falcon
Microprose Microprose Falcon 4.0
Activision Parsoft Fighter Squadrom: The Screaming Demons over Europe
Eidos Interactive Core Design Fighting Force
Squaresoft Squaresoft Final Fantasy VII
Empire Interactive Rowan Software Flying Corps Gold
Eidos Interactive Eidos Interactive Flying Nightmares 2
Electronic Arts Any River Flying Saucers
Acclaim Probe Entertainment Forsaken
Psygnosis Psygnosis G-Police
BMG Interactive DMA Design Grand Theft Auto
Virgin Interactive Entertainment Virgin Interactive Entertainment Grand Slam
Accolade Interactive Accolade Hardball 6
Gremlin Interactive Gremlin Interactive Hardcore 4x4
Activision Activision Heavy Gear
Activision Activision Hexen II
Interactive Magic Interactive Magic iF-22
Lucas Arts Entertainment Lucas Arts Entertainment Jedi Knight - Dark Forces II
Interplay Mission Studios Jetfighter 3
Virgin Interactive Entertainment Westwood Studios Lands of Lore: Guardians of Destiny
Mindscape Mindscape Lego Island
Spectrum Holobyte FASA MechWarrior 3
Microsoft Games Wizbang! Productions Microsoft Baseball 3D
Bungie Interactive Bungie Interactive Myth
Electronic Arts Electronic Arts Need for Speed II SE
Electronic Arts Electronic Arts NHL '98
Virgin Interactive Entertainment Virgin Interactive Entertainment NHL PowerPlay 97
Psygnosis Psysgnosis Overboard
Electronic Arts Electronic Arts PGA Tour Golf Pro Gold
GT Interactive 3D Realms Prey
Activision id Software Quake II
Accolade Beyond Games Redline
Interplay Productions Gremlin Interactive Reloaded
Virgin Interactive Entertainment Capcom Resident Evil
Electronic Arts Electronic Arts Road Rash 3D
Electronic Arts Electronic Arts Road to World Cup '98
Virgin Interactive Entertainment Virgin Interactive Entertainment Sabre Ace
Interplay Productions Gremlin Interactive Sand Warriors
Maxis Maxis Sim City 3000
SegaSoft Paradigm Entertainment Skies
Zombie Zombie Spearhead
Zombie Zombie Spec Ops: U.S. Army Rangers
Lucas Arts Entertainment Lucas Arts Entertainment Star Wars: Shadows of the Empire
Interplay Productions Interplay Productions Starfleet Academy
Eidos Interactive Digital Animations Steel Legions
Criterion Studios Criterion Studios Subculture
Sony Interactive Studios America Sony Interactive Studios America Tanarus
47-Tek Interactive 47-Tek Team 47 Goman
Eidos Interactive Simis Team Apache
Accolade Pit Bull Syndicate Test Drive 4
Eidos Interactive Core Design Tomb Raider 2
Acclaim Entertainment Acclaim Entertainment Turok: Dinosaur Hunter
GT Interactive Epic Megagames Unreal
SegaSoft Any Channel Vigilance
Interplay Productions Interplay Productions VR Baseball
Electronic Arts Origin Wing Commander Prophecy
Psygnosis Psygnosis Wipeout XL
Bethseda Softworks Bethseda Softworks X-Car
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