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"This is not another unrealistic mouse controlled golf game - this is the real thing!"
Computer Market - June 1997

* Half length 66 cm club weighted like a full-sized club.
- requires two AA batteries
Your new weapon...
* Electronic base unit - requires 6V +ve tip power supply (included)
* Rotating dial on the club - allows for different shaped club heads such as wood, long iron, short iron and putter.
* Built in speaker which provides the simulated sound of a golf club hitting the ball (driver, iron, putter).
* Software and interface cable to enable use with IBM compatible PCs.
The magic pad...
The base unit has an array of sensors that detects AND displays:
* The angle of the club face at impact; open-closed-square.
* Club face position at impact from heel-to-toe and from fat-to-thin.
* The angle of attack and follow through (five positions) from inside-in to inside-out.
* Club head speed at impact (in miles or kilometres per hour).
* Distance measured in yards or metres.
* The flight path of the ball (nine paths) from severe slice to severe hook.
* Club selection from the one wood to the five, the one iron through to the wedge, as well as the putter.


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