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SimulEyes VR - the ultimate in stereo-vision eyewear



Look into the Next Dimension with the Ultimate in 3D glasses!
SimulEyes VR is a virtual reality experience like no other. With SimulEyes VR stereo-vision eyewear and compatible software, 3D worlds leap out of your PC. StereoGraphics invented its liquid crystal technology for virtual reality pilot training, military simulation, and robotic exploration of earth, sea, and space. Now StereoGraphics brings its amazing stereo-vision technology to your home PC for games and multimedia entertainment.

How does it work?
SimulEyes VR uses StereoGraphics' liquid crystal shutter technology, the de facto standard for stereo-vision in workstation environments. Liquid crystal shutters in the glasses rapidly alternate from opaque to clear in sync with left and right eye views displayed on your computer monitor. The shutters ensure that your left eye sees only the left image while your right eye sees only the right. This technology effectively emulates normal eyesight to restore depth perception.

Easy Installation
SimulEyes VR attaches to the external VGA port on your computer. There are no cards to install, dip switches to set, or interrupts to adjust. Because installation doesn't require opening the PC, you'll have SimulEyes VR up and running in only a few minutes. And you can plug up to four glasses into a single control box, which relies on four AA batteries for power. This simple hardware setup is so easy to install that you'll have your home stereo-vision system running in just minutes!

Use popular game software such as the Descent series, Shattered Steel, Virtual Encounter and more to experience 3D stereo-vision View 3D pictures and 3D VRML pages with 3D depth under Windows 95
Additional glasses allow multi-user gameplay Use it at resolutions up to
1024 x 768
The glasses are extremely light and are designed for extended use Flicker-free gameplay with the latest 3D chipsets
ThemeKit VREK Click here for: VRML Software tools with VR device support !
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