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3D processor
PowerVR NEC PCX2 high performance 3D accelerator. 66 MHz processor incorporating Image Synthesis Processor (ISP) and Texture and Shading Processor (TSP) functions. 32 processing elements in ISP module. On chip 12K ISP and 4K TSP parameter caches. Single SDRAM external interface for texture and parameter caching. Bilinear and adaptive-bilinear interpolation. True shadow generation and fogging. Perspective-correct texturing and anti-aliased textures. 32 x 32 to 256 x 256 texture bitmap sizes. 8-bit (RGB 232) and 16-bit (RGB 555 and RGBT 4444) texture formats. 264 MB/sec peak texture memory bandwidth. Smooth shading; flat shading with offset highlights; 24-bit mixing of texture, lighting, and shading. Exponential fogging, with programmable fog color. Accumulation buffer for multiple translucency layers. Translucent textures, 16 levels per pixel. 16 levels of global translucency.

3D memory
4 MB high-performance SDRAM texture memory.

Monitors supported
Standard and multifrequency analog monitors. Compatible with VESA DDC level 2 (Display Data Channel).

Bus architecture
32-bit PCI local bus. Plug and Play compliant.

130 mm x 80 mm (including PCI local bus connector).

Operating temperature

Between 10C (50F) and 50C (122F).

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