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Features & Benefits
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What is it?

Re2Flex provides the ability to set custom modes beyond the usual few which are available on most cards. These normal modes (640x480, 800x600, 1024x768 each with a few refresh rate selections) do not take advantage of the full capability of graphics cards or display monitors currently available. This results in a less than optimal environment for game play. Re2Flex is an algorithmic approach to generating display modes. This makes available almost any desired mode limited only by the bandwidth limits of the graphics card and the monitor. On the Wicked3D board Re2Flex breaks the 800x600 barrier for a single card and provides up to 1024x672 which is almost the maximum available with the competitor's SLI 2 card configuration. With 2 Wicked3D cards Re2Flex provides 1024x1024 resolution, the highest in the industry for Voodoo2 based cards. On top of the custom resolution selection Re2Flex also allows selection of any refresh rate in 1Hz increments. This lets you take full advantage of all the bandwidth available in your display monitor.

The highest available resolutions!

With 4MB of frame buffer memory available to support front, back, and z buffering 1024x672 (one board) and 1024x1024 (two boards) is the largest number of scan lines available.

With non-standard resolutions, will my game screen be distorted in any way?

Rendering of data is independent of resolution, all objects are correctly proportioned.  Quality and resolution of the image is scalable without distortion.

What do we want developers to do?

Enumerate all modes available in DirectX and make any modes reported available within your game to the user. Especially make available modes above 1024x768. (Don’t assume it will run too slow)

  • Specifically make non-standard modes available.
  • Design your game to be scalable to any resolution.
  • Don’t put any fixed size items in the game.
  • Let us do early testing of your game.

Features and Benefits:

  • Re2Flex Allows creation of new Direct3D resolution modes other than the standard ones provided by 3Dfx
  • Provides more versatile gaming modes
  • Takes advantage of all your hardware’s capability
  • Allows micro-adjustment of horizontal and vertical resolution, as well as refresh rate (1 Hz granularity)
  • Provides a huge number of available modes to suit any gamer’s needs.
  • Single Wicked3D featuring Voodoo2 can support up to 1024x672 at 56 - 79 Hz refresh rate, depending on display mode
  • Shatter the 800x600 barrier!
  • Provides near-SLI resolution capability of other Voodoo2 boards with just one Wicked3D featuring Voodoo2!
  • Wicked3D featuring Voodoo2 in SLI (Too2 Wicked) can support up to 1024x1024 resolution at 68Hz refresh rate
  • Shatter the 1024x768 SLI barrier!
  • Ultra-high resolution gaming for the most detailed images
  • Resolutions lower than 640x480 can also be created at very high refresh rates
  • Higher refresh rates = more comfortable long-term gameplay
  • Supported refresh rates from 56Hz to 160Hz, depending on the display mode and monitor capabilities
  • Maximum refresh rate versatility
  • Use your monitor to it’s full potential
  • Also works with Metabyte WickedVision3D to create very high resolution stereovision modes
  • Flicker-free, high resolution stereovision for the the ultimate in immersive 3D gameplay!
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