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Wicked3D Voodoo2





Graphics Processor
- 3Dfx Interactive Voodoo2 GraphicsTM

Memory Configuration
- 12MB 25ns EDO DRAM memory

2 Engine
- Supports up to 800x600 with Z-buffer for high-resolution, ultra-detailed gameplay

2 Wicked Connector
- Connect two Wicked3Ds featuring Voodoo2 for the ultimate in immersive game experiences
- Allows 1024x1024 resolution!

Advanced 3D Features
- Perspective correct texture mapping - Gouraud modulated textures
- Bi-linear and Tri-linear texture filtering - Z-buffering
- Level of Detail (LOD) MIP mapping - 4Mb EDO DRAM frame buffer
- Sub-pixel and Sub-texel correction - 8Mb EDO DRAM texture memory

Advanced Special Effects
- Per-pixel fog, smoke and haze
- Single-pass tri-linear filtering
- Texture compositing and morphing - Alpha blending
- Texture animation and modulation - Polygon Edge Anti-aliasing

Acceleration Performance
- Single-pass, dual texture perpixel
- Up to 90 million pixels per second fill rates (Double that of the Voodoo chipset)
- Up to 3 million triangles rendered per second

3D API Compatibility
- GLIDE - OpenGL
- Microsoft® Direct3DTM

- VGA DB-15 monitor connector
- VGA DB-15 pass through connector

Monitor Compatibility
- Standard fixed frequency VGA or multi-frequency monitor

- 5 Year limited warranty


3D Winbench 98

Wicked3D Voodoo2 - 917, Creative Labs - 658, Diamond - 644

Boards tested: Metabyte Wicked3D TM featuring Voodoo2TM (12MB), Creative Labs 3D blaster Voodoo 2TM (12MB), Diamond Monster 3D II (8MB). Boards tested using a 64MB Pentium 300 system, Windows 95 OSR2, Metabyte Driver rev. #1.05, Creative Driver rev. #, and Diamond Driver  rev#

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