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Wicked3D Voodoo2




Metabyte WickedVision

What is it?
Supported games...

Features and Benefits

  • Stereovision on Wicked3D featuring Voodoo2

  • Support is driver-based, making it very easy to add support for games based on the same API. Current support is for OpenGL based games

    • Provides a much wider range of available stereovision-enabled applications without long development times
  • Currently, Metabyte WickedVision is certified for Quake, Quake2, Hexen2, most mission packs and add-ons (ongoing testing for current and upcoming OpenGL based games) – see Wicked3D web site for latest supported game list
    • Stereovision certification to insure quality, comfortable stereovision gameplay
  • Also works with Metabyte’s Re2Flex technology to provide resolutions from 640x480 to 1024x1024 (using SLI) and 1024x672 on a single Wicked3D featuring Voodoo2 (including z buffering). Refresh rates from 56hz (per eye) to 79hz (per eye), depending on the display mode
    • Utilize your hardware to it’s fullest.
    • Highest resolutions available on Voodoo2 boards.
    • High refresh rates for comfortable 3D gaming
    • Future support for Direct3D games
    • The list of support games will continue to grow!
  • Automatic and manual Gamma correction
    • Finely tune the brightness to your liking
  • Automatic depth distortion correction
    • Accurate, correct Stereovision – best on the market!
  • Corrected Crosshair for Stereovision
    • No more missing your enemies because of a bad crosshair!
  • Optional Stereovision 3D Object Laser sight (red dot - size scales based upon distance of object targeted!) for targeting
    • Way cool! Pinpoint accuracy! (Hint: Try it with the Rail Gun!)
  • Optional highlighting of targeted objects
    • Know when you’ve got your enemies lined up and blow them away
  • Optional Dynamic Stereovision separation adjustment within the game or on Setup screen
    • Finely tune the stereo separation to suit your own preferences
  • Optional Dynamic Vertical alignment adjustment within the game or on Setup screen
    • Addresses issues dealing with illegible text
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