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Gamespot - Spot Score - Very Good.

"... guaranteed to bring you deeper into the game than ever before... extreme gaming toy is sure to amaze even the most jaded gamer with the new intensity it brings to the gaming experience.

Digital Gamer - 4.5 stars


Individual lens focus and IPD adjustments
3D stereoscopic Smart Visor - 789(RGB)x230 resolution x 2
263x230 True Pixels
Dual 0.7" colour liquid crystal displays (181,470 pixels)
256 Colours
Picture size:
vertical = 10.6 mm
horizontal = 14.3 mm
Provides an image of a 35 ft.screen at a distance of 35 feet

Field of view (FOV)
vertical = 26.4 degrees
horizontal = 35.5 degrees
diagonal = 45.0 degrees

Virtual Orientation System (VOS) Head Tracker
Angular range:
vertical = +/- 70 degrees
horizontal = 360 degrees
Angular resolution:
vertical = 0.077 degrees
horizontal = 0.251 degrees
Three degrees of freedom:
yaw (azimuth):360 degrees
pitch (elevation):+/- 70 degrees
roll (tilt):+/- 70 degrees

VFX1 Interface Protocol (VIP) Card
Interfaces with standard VGA feature connector 26-pin ribbon cable
60Hz Refresh Rate (60 times per second) - up to 1 kHz refresh rate possible
Utilises ACCESS.bus Connectivity Standard
Accepts 125 simultaneous devices
100 Kbit/sec transfer rate
Does NOT require serial port connection

Single 26-pin D-connector (High resolution) containing video, audio and VOS head tracking sensor cable
Connects to VFX1 Interface Protocol (VIP) card
ACCESS.bus host connector (Phone Jack Connector)
VIP interfaces with standard VGA feature connector
2 cables from stereo sound card to VIP card (for headphones and microphone)
VIP card requires 8 bit PC ISA slot

Dual active matrix colour LCDs
Works with existing Standard VGA applications

High fidelity stereo headphones designed by AKG of Austria: 20 Hz - 20 kHz
Interfaces with any standard PC stereo sound card's amp/line out connector
For 3D sound, use a 3D capable sound card
GUS ACE or Sonic Storm

Comset Microphone
Hands free communication
Gamer to gamer
Voice recognition capable

Smart Visor rotates up and out of the way when not immersed in VR world
Smart Visor rotates down and adjusts for closeness to the face
Removal of the headset is not necessary when interfacing outside the headset
Fully adjustable InterPupillary Distance (IPD)
Individual eye focus adjustment (for use with and without glasses)
Rear adjustable strap for comfortable fit

Power Requirements
5 volts, 2 watts
0.4 amps (with Cyberpuck Connected)

One Year Warranty
The VFX1 Headgear VR System has a One Year warranty against defects in materials or workmanship


IBM PC or compatible 386, 486, Pentium +
Video card (VGA minimum) with 100% VESA standard compliant feature connector (ISA, VLB, PCI)
Free ISA Expansion Slot
One free base port: 260, 280, 2A0, 2C0
One free IRQ: 5, 7, 10, 11, 12, 15
Stereo-capable soundcard (for audio)
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