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Sonic Storm

The Sonic Storm box




You’ve accelerated your 2D graphics, you’ve accelerated your 3D games, now it’s time to accelerate your audio. SonicStorm gives your PC the very latest in HiFi quality, AC '97 compatible, PCI audio for all your entertainment needs.

With sensational 3D positional sound for Windows 95 3D games, SonicStorm provides an amazing immersive gaming experience, putting you right in the centre of the action. And, SonicStorm provides complete DOS/ SoundBlaster
support for your favourite DOS games.

SonicStorm's hardware DSP and faster PCI data bus relieve the strain on your computer's CPU, leaving more processing power for your games, video and other applications. Now you can have HiFi quality audio, 3D positional sound, and high-quality 64-channel wavetable synthesis without the performance overhead of ISA-based audio cards.


PC '97 and AC '97 compliant
HiFi sound; PCI local bus; up to five inputs; supports all the required new hardware standards. Fully compliant with the Microsoft logo program.

Microsoft DirectSound and DirectSound 3D acceleration
Supports the DirectX Windows 95TM 3D TM 5 audio driver standards used in the latest games

Hardware assisted 3D audio
Provides amazing positional 3D audio effects for the latest Windows 95 3D games, using a conventional two speaker setup

Advanced audio processor for PCI
64 channel audio stream processor, with 64 voice high-quality MIDI wavetable synthesizer. Provides high-performance, high-quality audio, while freeing up your CPU for other tasks. Uses high bandwidth PCI bus instead of restricted ISA bus to transfer audio data.

Midi/joystick port
Use with a keyboard for music or joystick for games. Dedicated game port handles all joystick activity over the PCI bus, providing more responsive joystick performance.

Plug and Play
Makes 3D audio easy. No switches, no jumper settings, just plug in the card, run the setup software, and go!

Outstanding customer support
5 year warranty. Technical support hotlines. Internet web site, ftp, and BBS services.
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