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Sonic Storm

The back of the Sonic Storm box and the Sonic Storm card



Software included:
Audio Rack for CD/MIDI/WAV playback Midisoft Studio 4.0 (Lite version) for MIDI recording and editing
Mixman 3-MixTM provide applications for CD/MIDI/WAV playback, MIDI recording and editing, and music re-mixing.


PCME.com - Seal of Approval

PCM&E - 90% rating
"This board really surprised us! It's Videologic's first audio board ever, and that's what's so surprising about it. These guys make video cards, not sound cards, but this board is so cool it can easily compete with the best of them.


Audio processor
ESS Maestro-1, with separate AC '97 codec. Signal-to-noise ratio 85 dB; frequency response 20 Hz to 20 kHz; total harmonic distortion 0.02 per cent.

External connectors
Stereo line out jack, line in jack, microphone in jack, 15 pin game/midi port.

Internal connectors
CD in, auxiliary in, video in, PC speaker in.

Bus architecture
32-bit PCI local bus. Plug and Play compliant.

Operating temperature
Between 10C (50F) and 50C (122F).

Power requirements
+5 volts - nominal 2.1 watts.

PC '97 Baseline Audio and AC '97 compliant. FCC Class B certified for home or office use. Compliant with EMC directive (CE).
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