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Only spare parts available.


VFX1 Headgear VR System

Headset picHeadset picHeadset pic



The Forte Technologies VFX1 HEADGEAR Virtual Reality System is the first consumer virtual reality product that is truly "immersive" - that is, it comes close to fully enveloping your mind and body in the virtual experience.

The VFX1 comes complete with high fidelity-3D capable AKG stereo speakers,
Cyberpuck controller, 2 high contrast full colour LCDs, patented 3D VOS headtracking, flip-up SmartVisor™ and the best looks of any HMD on the market. The VFX1 is compatible with most of today's popular games and other applications and has support under DOS and compatibility with Windows 95 using Forte's VFX1/Cyberpuck DirectInput drivers.

For trivia buffs - the VFX1 was featured in the Nike
TM Virtual Tennis advertisement with Andre Agassi and in the Lone Gunman episode of the X-FilesTM.


Features (For more information about these features, see the VFX1 Specifications)
* 3D Stereoscopic Imaging * 3D VOS Head Tracker
* High Fidelity Stereo Headphones * 3D Stereo Flip-up SmartVisor
* Ergonomic Design * Comset Microphone
* Cyberpuck Controller * VR Mouse
* VFX1 Interface Protocol Card (VIP) * One Year Warranty

Comset Microphone

The VFX1 Headgear system has a built-in Comset condenser microphone located in the SmartVisor. This allows for hands-free communication with other gamers, including both network and on-line programs and games. The microphone is also suited for speech recognition applications.

VR Mouse
VR MOUSE is a special driver program used to support the VFX1 HEADGEAR system in non-native applications. VR MOUSE simulates mouse and keystroke actions for applications that don't support the VFX1 HEADGEAR system directly. It translates headset movements, Cyberpuck motions, and button actions into simulated mouse and keyboard commands, making the VFX1 HEADGEAR backward-compatible with games already released.

DirectInput Drivers
The latest VFX1 drivers allow the VFX1 Headgear and Cyberpuck to be setup as joysticks under Win95. Any program under Win95 that supports DirectInput is now supported including games like Quake II and Heavy Gear, with many more tof come.

One Year Warranty

The Forte Technologies VFX1 HEADGEAR Virtual Reality System is backed by a One Year (Parts and Labor!) Warranty against defects in materials and workmanship.

VFX1 Headgear enhancements (not included) - NO LONGER AVAILABLE
With an additional linkbox, the VFX1 Headgear can be used with the latest games that take advantage of the latest 3D accelerator cards for superfast framerates with true colour. Unfortunately, we are no longer able to make the linkboxes, however, some do become available as second hand units. If you would like to be placed on a list, please email us.

Additional VFX1 cables are also available to extend playing distance and increase comfort. The VFX1 lenses can also be replaced with glass microscope lenses for enhanced clarity. Please email us for details.

The VFX3D was on the news recently and Les Posen kindly provided us with the link to his page which contains the clip. It is a Quicktime file which demonstrates the use of the VFX3D as 'Virtual Therapy' for treatment of anxieties such as fear of flying, heights and other situations. http://homepage.mac.com/lesposen/iMovieTheater1.html 


Software included with the VFX1 Headgear:
* Heretic * Mech Warrior 2 * Zephyr
* Rise of the Triad * Descent:
Destination Saturn
* Flight Unlimited
Special Edition
* DOOM * Wings of Glory * Darker
* Super Karts * Magic Carpet * America On-Line
* Quarantine * Locus * Virtek 3D-Ware
Virtual World
Supports almost every first-person perspective game!
There are over
100 games and applications that support the headgear.
The latest games can be played with the VFX1 including Quake II, Quake, Jedi Knight, Blood, Heavy Gear, Duke Nukem 3D, Redneck Rampage, EF2000 Evolution, Terminator : SkyNet, Comanche 3 and many more.

If you are a developer and looking to produce software for the VFX1 Headgear, then here is the
DOS and Win95 Software Development Kit (SDK). For more information, visit Interactive Imaging Systems (previous Forte Technologies) developer programs page.
ThemeKit VREK Click here for: VRML Software tools with VR device support !



The VFX1 software compatibility list

* vfx1_216.exe - the latest VFX1 drivers with DOS support and updated DirectInput drivers for Win98 (also works with Win95) and support for puck chording (multiple button combinations).
* redneck.zip - the Redneck Rampage driver.
* vfx1_flight2.zip - the Flight Unlimited 2 driver.
* vfx1h2.zip - the Hexen 2 driver.
* vfx1jk.zip - the Jedi Knight driver.
* vfx1-jksith.zip - the Jedi Knight: Mysteries of the Sith driver.
* vfx1q2.zip - the Quake 2 driver.
* vfx1wq.zip - the WinQuake driver.
* vfx1blood - the Blood driver.
* vfx1duke.exe - the Duke Nukem 3D driver
* fcon.com - enables feature connector on Trio32 and Trio64 video cards.
* vfx1sdk.zip - the VFX1 software development kit (SDK).  Contains sample code for programming the VFX1 including tracking routines and stereoscopic formatting.
* vfx1_20.faq - Release 2.0 of the "Official" VFX1 FAQ. A definite "must-read" for any who has or wants to get a VFX1.
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